Setting Activity Level

I wear an Oura ring and import tracked exercise (e. g. biking) via Runmeter/Apple Health.

Now I want to set an activity level. In general "light active" would fit I guess. However, is it better to set activity level to "sedentary" since I read this:

"Use this setting if you are synced to a device that tracks workouts only (not tracking general activity)."

Since Oura ring seems to add kind of a bit of calories burnt, e. g . almost 400 kcal burnt for about 10.000 steps or so - what would be the most correct setting?


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    In my opinion, the best way to set activity level is to spend 2 months calibrating.

    Be consistent with energy burn and consumption over the course of two months. Try to keep to approximately the same average exercise calories and calorie intake over 6-8 weeks. Then check your average weight loss/gain over those 6-8 weeks.

    Set the energy level in Cronometer to match the deficit that would get you to the weight loss or gain that you experienced.

    It’s a nuisance, I know, but once you go through this calibration period, you will know how the device measures activity and how it works with the activity level formula in the app. From then on, you’ll be pretty close with the tracking.

    Alternatively, don’t worry about precise numbers and concentrate on trends over time. If you’re losing or gaining based on your goals, then ultimately, that’s what’s important.

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    Thanks for your answer. It seems like with Oura the activity level should be set to "none" but the numbers don't match.

    Oh well, trial and error I guess. :)

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    I'm having the same issue with my Apple Watch. The Apple Health calories burned is consistently higher than the Cronometer version, even on days when I don't work out and the only import is from Apple Health. The Apple Health number is usually 200-400 calories higher. I'll try calibration as well, but I do wish it were a less tedious answer :smile: .

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