Activity from Fit Bit stopped showing on Cronometer

My usual stats (sleep, weight, resting heart rate) all appeared as normal this morning. It had my morning activity showing, but never updated to show my run. It also hasn't added any of the calories I burned throughout the day since it froze. I can't figure out what my calorie deficit is because the app thinks I've burned 0 calories since 9am.

Attempted trouble shooting:

-Made sure fit bit was showing the activities

-Made sure fit bit was syncing properly

-uninstalled and reinstalled cronometer


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    It looks like a few of us are having this issue. My activity isn’t exporting over as of today.

    I synced everything and even unlinked my Fitbit to Cronometer and re-linked it

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    Yeah, nothing transferred over today. I just hope they're working on a fix since it seems to be an issue multiple people are having

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    edited August 2021

    Exact same behavior here. Yesterday my sleep, weight, and heart rate pulled in sometime in the morning but my 2 workouts and run later in the day did not appear. I performed a force sync from the "devices" menu option within settings and it retrieved the data.

    This morning nothing appeared; no weight, no pulse, no sleep. I force synced again and it pulled in those values.

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