Best tracker for senior (eyesight, clear controls)

Hello. I am supporting a Senior age friend of mine to use Cronometer with a tracker to help them put on weight while needing to reduce carbs due to late onset diabetes. I have enough trouble myself reading the screen on my fitbit inspire so looking for a tracker with a good size screen for reading. They do have Apple phone but it doesn't come with them everywhere. I know Apple watches are compatible but they are also of course pricey.
So would love to hear experiences of a tracker that is compatible with Cronomoter for an iphone user that is user friendly for someone who has not grown up with tech. Thank all.


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    Some thoughts:

    Will this be for tracking exercise in particular or an all day wearable device?

    If all day, does it need any extra bells and whistles like sleep tracking, or is it for simple step count, calories burned, heart rate information?

    Can they wear the device and use an associated phone app rather than the device screen to view data?

    A quick Google search can help:

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    thank you for your answer. Sleep not needed, I guess heart data useful. I will check out that link.

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    Another brand not listed is the Polar wrist monitors. As far as I'm concerned, none of them are big enough to use without reading glasses. Fonts are just too small and too fine for senior eyes.

    I use a Polar Vantage M and it gives me fits trying to read the small screen. Instead, I use a chest monitor and have the data sent to my phone where I can read it using larger text on the phone display or computer big screen.

    I have resorted to using the wrist tracker for monitoring sleep or tracking activity outdoors. Then display results on a large screen at my computer.

    These trackers seem to not be well suited for poor eyes.

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