Fasting Improvements

One thing I'd like for the fasting feature, is the ability to make it open ended, or at least not stop counting once the planned end time is reached. I tend to do it a bit more "ad hoc" where I don't always do the same time frame each day, so it'd be nice to just have like a start/stop button. Right now I'm using a work around where I just set it at like 11PM, then stop it manually when I'm going to eat.

Another thing that may be nice would be for it to display on the diary for that day once the fast is marked complete. I know you can view it in reports, but it's kind of buried otherwise.


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    Adding on to this. If you have Gold and are marking your times properly we could set a timer, say 12 hours... if 't been 12 hours and there have been no calories consumed then a fast should start and set itself to have started at the time of when you ate last. Then you can tell it to stop the fast when you are ready or it can automatically end the next time you enter food (possibly with a minimal calroie count for those who dirty fast?). These could be user settings.

    Auto Start fast: True
    Minimal time to auto start: 12h
    Max calories consumed to continue fast: 10 kcal
    Auto end fast when max calories exceeded: True

    Then a lot of the manual entry could be minimized for those like us in this chain who don't do a regimented schedule but rather just skip meals when busy or not hungry. You will open your app to realize you are already in a fast and how long it has been.

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