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I have been searching for a tracker like this that will track all the essentials and calculate complete protein for the day. I THOUGHT I FINALLY had found one however.... like all others it doesn't have all the information for a lot of the products. Though this one has slightly more than most I have found it is still greatly lacking this information in pretty common items and name brands. I could understand if it was an obscure brand of some random not very popular item but again talking center of the road items and/or popular brands. Is there a push to get more complete information for this app or should I just give up on it too?


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    Food data is not within the scope of this app, or almost all other food tracking apps. Some apps allow users to generate food data - not a good idea - but, in general, data comes from large public databases and from brand name food labels. Any missing data comes from those sources.

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    What are you looking for? Micronutrients for branded products? For branded products they can only provide information that the manufacturer provides, and that is usually on the label, and only includes a few micronutrients or none (except salt/sodium). They can't just guess things the manufacturer doesn't state.

    If you want more detail, you have to go for the generic version in the government databases. That covers a lot of nutrients.

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    It literally has a section for what I am looking for and actually has the information for roughly 30 percent of the items I tested. I am looking for the essential amminos that make up a complete protein. It also has pretty much every vitamin and mineral, perhaps all i don't remember, as well and those actually show on nearly everything I have tested it on. Either way a tracker/calculator for this seems like a pipe dream so I'll just stick to eating meat.

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    It has a section for everything you are looking for, but it can't populate it unless it has data. If the products don't have the data, they can't just fill in the fields.

    And if they do, report it to let the the team fix it.

    (I have no inside knowledge, so will endeavour not to reply again)

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