cronometer cannot pull activity from Apple Health

I have an iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Health, and a paid cronometer subscription. They worked until three days ago. For the past two days, the cronometer app still provides calories to Health but it cannot pull any activity data from Health / Watch. I have rebooted the phone, disconnected and reconnected Apple Health in the crornometer app, and totally deleted / reintsalled the cronometer app with no success. The only third-party app interacting with Health is pedometer++. I have a paid subscription but the best advice cronometer support had was that they do not provide nutrition information (!!!). I wonder if this is related to the ios update at about the same time? Are others having this experience?


  • I just tried to manually backfill the missing days using the instructions on the cronometer site - that had no effect.

    I had originally contacted support on Sept 15 asking about inaccurate activity levels. The activity cronometer pulled from Apple Health was a serious overestimate of the actual calorie burn, which I could tell from the weight loss. Health & watch would show consistent activity from day to day while cronometer could show activity that fluctuated by large factors from day to day. That led to their response that they do not provide nutrition information. I could see that Health was stable, and getting cronometer's calorie data, and asked what was the equation that cronometer used to convert the data in Apple Health into calories burned. I could do a better job myself with a spreadsheet. That question is unanswered.

    But the problem of the erratic calories burned in cronometer is solved - there is no activity at all anymore.

  • One more observation on the cronometer bugs. Yesterday it did pull some data from Health in the early morning, including weight from a smart scale. By midday, all data from Health was gone. It just now pulled a bit of data from Health. I bet it disappears in a few hours.

  • I am also having the same problem of Cronometer not being able to pull over Apple Health data. Just started maybe a few hours ago.

  • Thanks! I think I posted in the wrong forum - there are several reports in the bugs area. The problem may be fairly widespread.

  • I am having the same problem. I recently updated the App...I wonder if anyone else did as well?

  • As one of the debugging steps, I deleted the app then reinstalled a two days ago. There have been no updates since that installation. These bugs were present in that version.

    Their IT people need to pick up their QC. They shouldn't release beta software to paying customers.

  • One (lack of) progress report since I am here on this forum. The app picked up activity for the first hour or so this morning. Then no more activity. But, unlike yesterday, the data were not deleted midday. It is still there. But only 20% of the total activity.

    Let's hope their IT guys come to work on Monday. They have work to do.

  • the thread on the cronometer bugs forum suggests this workaround for the bug

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