Macro Target Scheduler Now Available!

For all of you beta users, latest release 3.12.0 (1066) includes our highly anticipated Macro Target Scheduler!

This feature allows you to customize and edit your macro targets for each day. We are looking forward to launching this new feature, and can't do it without your valuable feedback. Please let us know if you spot any issues, bugs or simply have feedback related to this release.

For those who prefer using web, you can access the Macro Target Scheduler on

Happy tracking!
Team Cronometer


  • On the andriod app, the scheduler doesn't seem to work. If I go in to edit today, when I make changes and save them, I get a message asking if I want to apply the settings to today. If I select "yes" I'm dumped back in the editor, and if I leave that window it says "Warning. Are you sure you want to leave this page, the settings won't be saved". The macros listed in the diary are also not the macros I set on the website or the new macros I tried to enter in the app (that weren't saved). I'm actually not sure where they came from.

    The choose a template option doesn't do anything, but maybe that is because I don't have a template? I don't see a way to create a template in the app.

  • Thanks @ssbbg I had a look into it, and unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on my own account! Is there any chance you could take a screen recording or a couple of screenshots to send my way either here, or via [email protected]. Thanks!

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  • Sorry, I didn't see this until now. But it looks like this feature has been rolled back? I don't see it anymore in the app. I see it on the beta website ( though.

    It didn't work for me in either the app or the beta website. I was able to set-up templates on the website (but they didn't appear in the app) but I couldn't get them to consistently work. For example, if Sunday is scheduled as Template 1, but I actually want Template 2, when I select Template 2 on the diary page, it doesn't say "Sunday- Template 2", but rather "Sunday- Custom Macros" and I have no idea where those macros came from. They are neither Template 1 or Template 2.
    (That is, generally, I want template 1 on Sundays, but this Sunday, I did an extra bike ride, and want to switch to template 2. Or, I did a fasting protocol for 5 days, but it isn't every M-F, so I don't want it scheduled. Just want to pick it for those days.) However, the scheduled templates did seem to work. Only selecting templates from the diary page drop-down didn't work.

    This is a really cool feature, so I look forward to seeing it! I would use it all the time.

  • Hi @ssbbg glad to hear that you are excited about this feature; do you mind sending me a screenshot of your version number from the app? (Bottom of login screen or bottom of settings screen)

    You should be seeing "custom macros" indicated only if you edit a template via the daily target editor. When you edit a template via the daily target editor, you are editing only that date, not any other scheduled templates. If you want to edit the scheduled template so that all days with that template scheduled are changed you can do so from the settings tab. If you simply select a date from the daily editor page (and don't make any custom edits) it should display with that name though and is intended for the purpose you are describing. I'll have a peek and see if I can get a clearer picture of what's going on!

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  • I love this feature as well, as I switch between different macros targets on training and rest days. I also have different macros when bulking and cutting, obviously.

    I am seeing slightly different behavior than the above bug report, though. At the moment, I'm cutting and training every day (no rest days at all, training 7 days a week), so my schedule is simple: every day in the target schedule is set to a custom template: "Cut, Training Day".

    Every morning, when I get up and check the current day, in the diary it will show "DoW -- Macronutrient Settings (default)". I have to manually select "Cut, Training Day" for the current day. However, if I click on tomorrow's date, it correctly shows the scheduled template.

    These 3 screenshots demonstrate the problem this morning, showing today's diary entry (not yet modified, of course), tomorrow's diary, and my current scheduler settings.

    The workaround is trivial, of course -- I just have to select the day's desired template, but that obviously shouldn't be necessary, and clearly isn't how this is intended to work.

  • I just realized what might be causing the problem...

    I had the default macro targets set before using this new feature set up as custom macro targets, but I was also setting the custom energy target to match the calculated total of the sum of the macro targets. That doesn't seem to be necessary, so I just reset the "Weight Goal or Custom Energy Target" panel to it's default, and set the weight goal instead of the custom energy target (although technically and pedantically, I have a BF% goal, not a weight goal, but that will have to be a proxy)

    I'll follow up tomorrow morning and see if the template is now set correctly when the diary rolls over to the new day.

  • One more change -- I was also setting the custom energy target in each of my macro templates, and that also seems redundant, since I was simply making it match the sum of the custom macro targets.

  • Hi @lunatick thanks so much for getting in touch with us about this! I am curious about how you are using the scheduler tool. It looks to me like you are looking to have a default set every day and then override certain days as opposed to using a weekly 7day schedule. If thats the case, I would recommend using the targets in your "cut, training day" template as your default targets set in the "profile + targets tab" and then leave your scheduled days as your default macrotargets. Then, you can adjust your other days as needed.
    But I am curious - is there a reason you didnt want to use your "cut, training day" template as your defaults?

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  • Fair question -- I'm currently cutting for another 2 weeks (preparing for the holidays!), but plan to transition back to a lean bulking strategy at the beginning of November for 4-6 weeks, followed by another 1-2 weeks of cutting.

    I switch back and forth like this throughout the year, so I wanted to have a 4 templates: cutting and bulking versions of training and rest days. Normally, because the volume of training I do during a bulk is significantly higher, I will be adding the rest days back into the schedule, but right now, the schedule is pretty boring: cutting training days, 7 days a week.

    So, rather than change the default macros, my intention was to update the schedule when my training and dieting strategy changes. In the first week of November, I'll switch the schedule to use "Bulk, Training Day" every day except (probably) Thursday, when I'll set it to "Bulk, Rest Day".

    Does that make sense?

  • I set up scheduled targets for all seven days. the new targets do not get applied to today or previous days of this week. I would expect, at least, today's targets would be updated.

  • Hi, so pleased you've introduced this feature. I've set it up on the web app, but it doesn't appear in my iOS app. I'm on v3.11.2 (b1094-IF-s). Is this the latest? The App Store doesn't seem to be offering an update. Thanks.

  • Apologies, I've found the latest 3.12.1 with the scheduler. Classic 'once I poster the update popped up' 🤦‍♂️

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