Can we add measurement options?

I have a recipe for pumpkin muffins that calls for 1/2 CUP Swerve Granular. However, Cronometer only allows for ounces or teaspoons or grams. Can I add "cups" somehow??? I've had this issue before and it's annoying. Help?


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    edited October 2021

    Welcome to Crono.

    First I looked at the package and nutrition labeling for Swerve Granular.

    12 ounces = 340 grams. 1 teaspoon = 3 grams

    Then I asked Google, "How many teaspoons in 1/2 cup?"

    0.5 US cup = 24 teaspoons.

    Just a thought whilst we're waitin' for answers from the smart people. :smile:

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    I think your question is a good one, generally, but in the DB there seem to be at least 3 entries for swerve granular, and the first one I picked does have a cup option.

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