[Bug] with the new way Filter has been reworked in beta 3.12.0 (b1066-IB-s)

edited October 2021 in Beta Testing


Since beta 3.12.0 (b1066-IB-s), the way the Filter is working to add foods has been updated, and there is a glitch. I had it to display my Favorite Foods, but it does not show me all the Favorites anymore when I tap on add food. I have to switch to another filter then back to Favorites to see them all.

You can see when loaded the first time, on Favorites, I have "3A. (PRE) Lunch Stack" and "3B. Lunch G&G - Broccoli" and when the Favorites is loaded again, I have 2 other "3B" options for the lunches.

Can you please look into it?

Thank you


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