Energy Total Doesn’t Match Macro Percentage of Calories Eaten

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So I’m not sure why this happened but I magically got my macros at EXACTLY 100% each but my energy balance at this ratio is at 110%. I don’t know how this is possible.

When I multiply the calories per gram of proteins, fats and carbs that I supposedly ate it equals my calories goal of 2100. However when I get 100% of those macros it says I’ve eaten 2313.2. When you’re dieting and counting macros those extra 200 calories are a big deal.

I also went through and manually calculated the calories of every item I ate, and it came to the higher number, 2313.2. So I think Cronometer’s macro percentage/grams are off by a couple hundred calories! Please help! Do I have something wrong in my settings?


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    I figured it out! It was alcohol. I was having two drinks and the extra calories DO NOT count as carb fat or protein, it’s in a category all by itself. So if anyone else has that problem check if you had alcohol!

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