Goal Surplus showing instead of Deficit

Hi there,

I just signed up for Gold features of app.

I have completed my profile, entered macros, energy info, and my weight loss goals, and used slider to choose my preferred weekly weight loss goals. I am using a Fitbit to sync energy expenditure, and have my activities set to "none" per manual because of FitBit tracking.

My issue is when I review goals on dashboard (top of daily summary) it shows my calorie goals as a Surplus, when I need a Deficit.

Have I missed something in my configuration and settings?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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    Ok I figured out what was up.

    My weight goal "slider" was in the gain, not lose side of slider.

    Because my goal weight was lower then current weight, it would have been nice to be advised my energy goals didn't match weight loss goals.

    I'll send some feedback on to Chronometer team 😁

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