New Blood Pressure Format Damages Diastolic Data

Here is further information. Version I am using is Cronometer v3.14.0 (b1169-AF-s)

I have include the same graphs from 12/6 and 12/10. You can see how you have effected the data. I think it is due to your new formatting for the bp data. Which I have included as well. Besides changing the format which damaged the diastolic data I keep getting only partial biodata being shown.


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    New format is terrible. The data combined is much less useful exported. Now I have to manipulate the data once exported to use it. Any plans to fix the data you messed up?

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    Ok Thier resolution is it is your problem. So they f* up the data by changing the format then expect me to fix it manually one reading at a time. They get a zero from me for performance.

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    Update. They agreed to erase the zero entry they added. Data still in multiple formats, but better without zeros in data. Pain to use now but easier

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    Ok now some but not all of the Samsung data is now in the new format too. At least they did not put zero in the data they reformatted. Just erased it. Much better, but new format is still more of a pain to work with and much less useful.

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