Eliisa response to my Play Store review

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Hi @Eliisa
I wrote a really critical review on the Play Store for the Crono app .... for which you must have worked for years very hard...

"While Crono has the best website, I wonder: 6 years into the app, it is still not possible to use it in landscape mode on (big) phones. has their Ux team not read the statistics that 10% use their phone in landscape mode? then, trying to use the app, I accumulated uncompleted days because the calendar in the app does not show them. usability disaster: my right thumb started to hurt because crono is designed to maximize finger travel from top to bottom of the screen + requires unnecessary taps."

I absolutely liked your kind and understanding answer! this made me turn to this forum because here it is possible to have a discussion. you wrote that you forwarded my feedback to the cronometer team. so if anyone, e.g. from the user experience team or any software developer has a question, then I invite them to ask them. be assured that I absolutely love Crono and I use the web version everyday. but on my big phone (or call it a small tablet) the app is really not fun to use and I stand by my comments, but what I actually wish to do is not to criticize but to help development if any from the user experience team or any software developer is interested.
cheers, Linda


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    hm.. seems that there is no interest to further develop the Crono app...

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    okay so I conclude that colonel reacts only to negative feedback on the Play store and is not interested in nice constructive discussions.. I will lower my review on the Play Store. bye.

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