Odd weight glitches in "trends"

Although the little weight chart on the main page seems fine, when I go to the "Trends" page and pull up "weight" I am seeing random dots that are nowhere near my weight. On December17, I didn't enter a weight, but the day before I registered 121, and the day after 122, The "Trends" chart assigned a dot somewhere in the 90s that day (I went in and manually registered 121.5 for the 17th and the chart corrected). But then I saw that on December 15, a day when I did input my weight at 120.5 in my diary, the "Trends" chart shows a weight of 60.25. I decided not to correct that one so you could see it if you like. I'm mystified as to how this happened. The only other thing I did on December 15 was to switch my macronutrient targets on the Profile page to the Zone targets . Could that have something to do with these oddities?


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