Feature Request for Charts: Include Time of Day as a Parameter for Nutrients Logged

OK, This might be a little hard to explain.

Basically, I want to graph out my Caffeine intake "after 12pm ONLY" and not include the caffeine pre-12pm on my Caffeine/Sleep Chart.

Here's a quick example of implementation:

Please let me know if I need to go into more detail here.


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    edited January 2022

    Other examples of implementations of time-based entries for Charts include:

    Energy Consumed (AM/PM) v. Sleep
    Energy Consumed (AM/PM) v. Weight
    Energy Consumed (AM/PM) v. Mood
    Caffeine (AM/PM) v. Mood
    Activity (AM/PM) v. Mood
    Activity (AM/PM) v. Sleep
    Sugars (AM/PM) v. Sleep
    Alcohol (AM/PM) v. Sleep


    I would find a lot of benefit to this, to help monitor the time of day of my nutrients intake.

    Intermittent fasters may find some benefit to this, too, especially since they revolve their eating/logging around a specific time window.

    Initially, the only complication I can see with this feature suggestion is people's schedules that start mid-day/evening and end the following morning (so, "PM to AM" windows). But Cronometer has ways of resolving these windows in Charts already, ...right?

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    Oh .... On a total separate note, I also suggest that Cronometer adds "Activity" to the Chart options, please!

    By Activity, I am generically referring to these:

    (But that is a totally separate topic ..... )

    Thanks in advance!

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