Word "New" appears before a recipe I created: bug or feature

I have deleted the recipe and "corrected" it and the word "New" reappears. This never happened before. Is this an "enhancement"? What was the justification?


  • @moies ,
    Could you expand on the problem you are seeing? We have recently implemented a change in order to retain old diary entries when you are deleting/changing recipes. You should be seeing a pop-up now when you delete a recipe asking if you would like to "Retire" or "Delete" thus allowing you to retain old diary entries.
    If you could send some screenshots of what you are seeing to [email protected] that would be really helpful as well.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • @Hilary,

    OK. I tried to reproduce the issue today and was unable to do so. The way that "Retire" works seems to have changed, though. In the past, I could retire a recipe and still seem the recipe on the screen that I had just retired. Now, the screen refreshes and the recipe is gone. Looks good.


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