Word "New" appears before a recipe I created: bug or feature

I have deleted the recipe and "corrected" it and the word "New" reappears. This never happened before. Is this an "enhancement"? What was the justification?


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    @moies ,
    Could you expand on the problem you are seeing? We have recently implemented a change in order to retain old diary entries when you are deleting/changing recipes. You should be seeing a pop-up now when you delete a recipe asking if you would like to "Retire" or "Delete" thus allowing you to retain old diary entries.
    If you could send some screenshots of what you are seeing to support@cronometer.com that would be really helpful as well.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    OK. I tried to reproduce the issue today and was unable to do so. The way that "Retire" works seems to have changed, though. In the past, I could retire a recipe and still seem the recipe on the screen that I had just retired. Now, the screen refreshes and the recipe is gone. Looks good.


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