Creating "Ginger Tea, Homemade" How to change grams to cups or oz.

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I want to make 1 serving = 1 cup or 8 US oz. I don't see an option to change it. It only says grams. Isn't that dry weight? I've chosen "beverage" for category but it still says 1 serving = x grams. I can only fill in the x/amount for grams.

Well, I tried it with "create recipe" and there it allowed me to change things more. I added water and ginger to the "recipe" and made a serving 1 cup. Then it filled in the water and nutrients part. Which is fine. I guess it is a recipe. But then when would you use "add food"? Like for something whole from nature like an apple? But it would still only allow you to use grams it seems and you could get liquid from nature. Like coconut water, or just water. So I'm confused about how that one works. (Add food vs. add recipe).

For now I'm okay though.


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    Hello @butterfly ,

    Our software requires weights for all food items in our system. If you have a kitchen scale you can weigh a sample of the liquid to determine the gram weight and then create a serving size in the editor to map that volume measure to it's weight. If you don't care about perfect accuracy for your item, most liquids are close to 1ml=1g as a decent estimate.

    There is a distinction to be made between custom foods and custom recipes. The 'Create Custom Food' is normally used to add a single food that is not present in our database. For example, a branded product like store bought bread. On the other hand, Custom recipes are for your own homemade recipes composed of more than one ingredient, like a homemade ginger tea for example where you would add in water and ginger as your ingredients.

    Once your custom foods and recipes are created, you can then add them to your diary by using the 'Add Food' found in the main Diary tab. If you are looking to add apples, I would recommend using our generic entry 'Apple, Fresh, With Skin'.

    Please let us know if you have more questions!


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    1mg = 1 g will be fine for me. Thank you. I just want something roughly close. Yes, now I see what you mean about add food being a store item which is already made and with it's info on the label that you could put in. I'm being a bit doolally tbh. Sorry. I get it now. Oh, I do already just use the generic whole food entries! I'm not weighing apples anytime soon. Thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate it.

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