Set it and forget it! Weekly Meal Planning or By the Meal/By the day for Months in advance

I may have heard that a feature like this is coming in one of the vids, but I for one put my vote in favor of the ability to plug in meal plans automatically.

Once I set my target calories/macros and design meals, I stick to them for weeks/months at a time. How great would it be to be able to set my weekday breakfast and lunch meals in advance? Monday through Friday.... Done!

Saturdays and Sundays also have their own unique meal plans for me as a parent who makes pancakes on Sunday morning.... I have to adjust my fat and carbs for the other meals.

I want the ability to set it and FORGET IT! :) and not tinker so much with the app.

THAT SAID, I LOVE CRONOMETER. It's so much easier to work with for me. Once I understood how it worked, and saw the advantages, I abandoned my other apps, went gold and set up all my go-to recipes.

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