Add a dynamic macro ratio option where protein and fixed and exercise add carbs

edited January 2022 in Feature Requests

I try to eat about the same amount of protein Every day, 180g. Carbs change a lot depending on exercise.

If I use the custom keto calculator and choose include exercise fats go up more than carbs. I would like to be able to set a fixed per gram protein, but have fats and carbs adjusted based on ratio and exercise.

If I use fixed values, choosing to add exercise calories only adds calories not specific macronutrients. If this could be adjusted to add one gram of carbs per 4 calories burned that would be great


It would be nice if it was also possible to have both fats and carbs also be adjustedable at custom levels but that would probably be too complicated to get exactly right.

To make things simple, asking a macro choice where I can set fixed protein and fat goals each day and have exercise only add to carbs (1g per 4 cal exercise). Or, have include exercise when using fixed values increase carb allotment as well.

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