Withings and Daily Activity tracking/exercise tracking

I have a Withings watch that records my steps and calories burned but all that seems to be syncing to Cronometer is the exercise calories burned and a much smaller number that shows up under Daily Activity but it’s no where near the number my watch is showing as calorie burned (a difference of about 1200 calories). I’ve tried it using an Activity Level of None and of Lightly Active but it shows the same thing either way. When I click on Calories Burned (kcals) it shows an Activity Level that is comprised of the Daily Activity and Walk which Cronometer has as both coming from Withings and there is nothing showing under Activity Level. As a result the number of calories I have left for the day is very small because it looks like the actual calories I’m burning under Activity Level aren’t being synced. I have tried it using Sedentary and Lightly Active but the resulting number is way lower than the calories showing on my watch. I’d have to use Moderately Active or Very Active to get close with Moderately Active being lower than my watch and Very Active being higher. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I have the same issue. I've been exceeding my target calories for the last three days but have lost over 1lb. The daily activity value must be way under reporting. I've been deleting the value and replacing it with "exercises" such as "Desk Work, Light" that seems to get a bit closer.

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    I’ve been adding the calories burned from my watch manually but this value continues to change through the day and since the app supports Withings it would nice if it would reliably do this automatically.

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