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Will cronometer work with Weight Watchers new program?


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    Hello @Ross3 ,

    We currently don't have the data for Weight Watchers Points in Cronometer. You can however still add custom notes in your food diary to keep track of your points for your foods and meals everyday. If your creating custom foods and recipes, you can also note down the points in the 'Notes' section of the food editor.


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    I second the request. Or at least figure out a way to dump the recipe data to WW. I have very complex vegan recipes that I would love to use there but don't want to enter 20+ ingredients.

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    I am considering WW Digital 360 not because I want the WW app or program, but because I need some semblance of community support. Not having integration between Cronometer and WW is a major drawback, though. Tracking in two apps would drive me nuts!

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    So, have you considered using Cronometer as it is and just going to WW for the meetings, support, and getting the information for best choices?

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