iOS Add Food > All Behaviour


I've noticed what I think is strange behaviour with the way that the "Most Recent (Most Frequent)" list works. Below is a screenshot of my list, with items selected as I would normally use them. The list doesn't update, and the items shown are those that I would think I use most often/daily.

However, if I select anything from the above list and alter it (in this case I've changed the weight of Banana, Fresh), the list completely refreshes and shows a few items that I don't think I've used for a long time, and then starts listing food I don't think I've ever used. I know for certain that I've never used one of them, Chicken Breast, because I'm Vegan.

This gives me 3 questions:

1) Why does the list refresh?
2) Is there a way to disable the refresh because it appears to be unhelpful?
3) Where is it pulling these new "Most Recent (Most Frequent)" from, because it can't all be from my own entries?



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