Oura users?

Hi everyone! I use a cheap tracker now (XioaMi) which syncs with Apple health which then comes into cronometer. This I can get weight, sleep time, “active energy” and a random HR that I can’t figure out where it comes from (it’s not my average or resting just seems random each day).

im considering getting an Oura but I’d like to know how much of its data comes into cronometer and in what format? Is activity tagged? Is resting HR imported? Are any scores imported? If not, does anyone know if Oura data can be cab exported?



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    Hi Posi,

    i have an Oura gen3 ring synced to Cronometer. Cronometer imports the following under Uncategorized:

    • Total sleep in hours
    • Average bpm during sleep
    • Daily activity in kcal

    I have no use of the two first data points within Cronometer, but I guess you could use the values in a graph in Trends. The third data point is useful as it counts towards your calorie target.

    I have built integrations between several different apps, including Oura. Oura has by far the best API and export options of any app I have worked with. Cronometer could learn a thing or two about about sharing data.

    Hope this helps.

    BR, Rasmus

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