Barcode Scanner Feature Regression Issue/Request

When my phone (android) detects that the camera is in use it prevents me from turning on the flashlight the normal way, expecting me to use whatever UI is supplied by the app using the camera. With the old barcode scanner it worked similarly to taking pictures of product labels and I could select to have the light stay on or use flash. The new barcode scanner is probably cool, and being able to enter the number manually is nice, but in this one regard it is definitely worse than it was before.

With the new scanners fancy UI I have no way of turning my phones light on and my camera isn't that great so I end up having to enter all barcodes manually. My camera just can't seem to focus on the bars at all in dim indoor light.

Would love if this feature that you already had could be brought back, the new features are nice but I wish they didn't come at the cost of losing old basic functionality.

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