Danish language foods/recipes

Please add the option to name recipes and foods in Danish.


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    When asking about the purpose of the language/names of foods, this is the reply I got from them.

    Most users likely don't have a use for different languages for custom foods. Some hospitals and nutrition professionals use it when they have clients who speak other languages to help them identify foods they have shared.

    As a Norwegian user, I just enter the Norwegian name in the box, ignoring the US flag next to it.

    Working with the .json-files you can import to custom foods, 'name' and 'english translation' are two separate values, but 'english translation' defaults to 'name' (vice-verca when entering manually) when imported anyways. Having these separated would make more sense imo.

    Cronometer seems to be very much aimed for users in the US, and for users everywhere else, they'll just have to figure a way to make it work.

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