~~Can't add food,~~ stuck on loop.... (maybe just add message)

After filling out forms and choosing to send new food to server.

  1. Program asks in a loop do I want an email.
    Clicking neither box just goes back one step. This would be a good place to popup that "Existing entry information has been changed". Instead of just popping one step backwards.
    It seems to be waiting some trigger from server to close this edit screen. If it is not pre-screened what to include to DB and if I'm already editing my own entry, why are "you" asking if I want response for it...Are you just having "new item" flag on it that activated popup. Then sends email if item is locked and made public.... That would make sense. It would be better to ask "Share with public?"
    Whatever fixes this, please don't lose information. (this is certainly lesser evil)
    I saw both new items on my custom list so I think you have a problem with this.

  2. I only add with barcodes. I saw 3 clone products of older additions with same name, so it shows that barcode is not recognized or is missing from entry. I think this bug may waste a lot of peoples time as duplicates are not recognized.

  3. And..Now that I add food to diary, in Scandinavia (at 11:15) from custom foods, It adds entry to the previous day. (add popup says previous day in "Add Food to February 18, 2022")
    Do I need to add my timezone somewhere to correct this or should the date/time be read automatically from local computer?

  4. I hope strikethrough works on titles.

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