Google fit data disappears when navigating days

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  • I get this too. It started a day or two ago. New update? New Gfit update?

    Activity recorded in Gfit doesn't sync with Cronometer. Also, synced data from previous days disappears when you look at that day in the Diary.

    This identical problem happened a few months ago too, requiring a new update to fix. I will also look for that bug report. Please help.

    Pixel 6, Android 12 (Build SQ1D.220105.007)

    Cronometer v3.18.2 (b1260-AF-s)

  • There's a bit of extraneous discussion, but here is the bug report for the previous time this happened - exact same symptoms.

  • I noticed same behavior today on Android 12 Pixel 6

  • Same for me.

    It does appear the app is receiving external weight data. If I navigate in settings to weight, it shows current value. It also appears up-to-date on the weight trend plot. But it no longer shows up in diary.

    Previous fit activity, like energy used in walking, no longer shows in diary.

    Dont know if related or separate or just my hardware, the app has been crashing with some frequency over the last several days.

  • I figured this wasn't just me ..

    Fit and Cronometer are still talking (Pixel 5) as when I open Cronometer it pulls my exercise session from Fit and shows it for 1-5 seconds before deleting it from the diary. I hope it's fixed soon, I'm surprised at how annoying it is.

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    Same thing here. Latest android update, using Pixel 5a on Android 12. Previously pulled data from Google Fit disappears upon navigating backward through dates. New data seems to appear briefly (for only a second or two) then disappear on the current day.

  • Update: I usually first try disconnecting the two apps and then re-connect. I did not this time. However, I since have disconnected the two apps first in Fit then disconnected the two apps in Cronometer. After re-connecting the two from cronometer and linking again to my google account all seems well again. I don't know if this fix will stay permanent. I will have to wait several days to see what happens. Something similar happened to me last year and nothing worked until an app update was released by cronometer.

  • Thank you enawds. I disconnected Google fit from cronometer settings, then reconnected. Fit data immediately reappeared.

  • The disconnect/reconnect google fit definitely fixes the problem for me also, but it begins happening again later.

  • It is really bothering me that I've been reporting on this for over three weeks and not a single response from Cronometer at all.

  • That is why I added the comments in my original post alluding to a waiting period to see if it remains permanent. If in the future we will have to continue resetting, then cronometer needs to get a permanent fix. Needing to reset often would be a deal breaking annoyance.

  • For what it's worth, I've done the reset three times in the past month. It occurred again and I gave up (so I haven't kept resetting). It's definitely broken. Whether it's Cronometer or Google Fit I don't know, just would like it acknowledged as a broke.

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