List of supported blood pressure monitors?

I'm looking to get a blood pressure monitor that integrates directly with cronometer. Before I invest in a platform I want to be sure I am buying a model that is fully supported by cronometer.

Is there a complete list of supported devices somewhere? I can see in the app where it displays the various vendor integrations and which integrations they support. I was hoping to get a bit more detail on specific models that have been tested and confirmed working.

So far it looks like:
quardo arm
withings BMP connect (i see they have a new model BPM core that is coming soon, I assume this will be supported?)


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    edited February 2022

    Follow up question. It appears Quardo and withings are the only blood pressure integrations cronometer supports natively at the moment. I am not sold on those brands due to them being manufactured in China. I am looking at Omron which is made elsewhere; however, it does not appear to natively support cronometer. If I sync Omron to Google Fit, would cronometer be able to sync up the BP readings from Google Fit as it does for steps and other vitals?

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    You can manually add BP to google fit. Why don't you do that and see if it syncs across?

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