Great for tracking vitamins and minerals

I've tried out Cronometer because I was curious about my vitamin and mineral intake, which no other app seems to track. I've learned that I easily get enough of most essential nutrients from the foods I eat, including magnesium. (Vitamin D is the exception. It's impossible to get 2000+ IUs per day from food.)

I like the fact that Cronometer does the number crunching for me and has the custom recipe feature.

That said, I am NOT using Cronometer every day. It's so much work to track everything I eat. I just cannot fathom how so many of you keep it up daily for months or years. I'm using Cronometer just to do very sporadic spot checks on my eating habits.

It will be interesting to see what my nutritional profile looks like on a plant-based day and on a day when I eat fish. It will be interesting to see what happens in the months ahead as the warmer weather shrinks my appetite.


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    I find that tracking before eating helps a lot with adherence. Also, using the visual feedback to make choices about what to eat next, and eating before we're actually hungry seems to help with a willingness to track before eating, since we're not famished.

    Our motivation is also to address our disordered eating swinging between binge eating fats/fermented foods, and days of anorexia.

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