Apple Fitness Resting / Passive Calories


I've noticed a difference between the total calories burned in Cronometer compared to what shows in Apple Fitness. After looking through the forums and doing some research, it seems the difference may come from Cronometer not adding in the resting / passive calories from Apple Fitness.

For example, on Friday Cronometer shows I burned 2323 calories (1613 BMR + 710 active calories imported from my Apple Watch / Fitness).

However, Apple Fitness shows 2512 calories burned for Friday. I have activity in Cronometer set to "none" since I use Apple Watch / Fitness. All of my days have a difference around this amount.

Can anyone confirm this might be the issue, and what the fix might be?

Thank you!


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    My Active Energy (in Apple Health) matches my Exercise + Imported Activity in Cronometer. This is basically the Move ring getting imported into Cronometer.

    My Resting Energy (in Apple Health) is about 175 calories/day higher on average than my Cronometer BMR.

    As a result I think my total calories burned in Apple Health (this isn't actually a data field is it?) is going to be ~175 calories higher than my total burned calories in Cronometer.

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