Pork belly and commerically made bacon show different nutritional values for protein

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I have compared pork belly and commerically made bacon which are technically the same cut but bacon is smoked and pork belly isn't.

Per 1oz
-Raw pork belly entry is 14-15g fat and 3-4g protein.

Now, I am going to use kirkland's signature bacon. You will notice that the fat values are about right. These are cooked values for the entries below:

Per 1oz
-Kirkland Signature, Hickory Smoked Sliced Bacon, Lower Sodium: 9g protein, 14g fat
-Kirkland Signature, Thick Sliced Bacon, Center-cut: 11g protein 11g fat
-Kirkland Signature, Fully Cooked Bacon: 9g Protein 9G fat.

I have also found entry for Kirkland Signature SV Pork Belly. Less protein for the same weight of both the cooked pork belly and bacon.

-Kirkland Signature, Pork Belly, Sous Vide PROTEIN: 4.0 g, FAT: 8.7 g (77.7%)

I'm confused that the raw pork belly have very low gram of protein and two ounces of pork belly would be 5g-6g protein and 30g fat! Why are these values for protein so off comparing raw pork belly and bacon?

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