Spinach vitamin values do not appear to be registering?

Hi, l am a newbie to Cronometer and have noticed that when l added 45 grams of Woolworths baby spinach or just spinach to my diary the vitamin values for both folate and Vitamin K from it (spinach has high values of both of them) are not recorded at all in the Vitamin section.
Could anyone help me with this please?

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    my guess is this is because you are recording the brand and the brand did not provide this information. Try using the USDA database entry instead if you want fuller nutritional info.

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    Hi Comanchesue, thanks for taking the time to answer my question. You are quite right, l live in Australia and all of the unprocessed products my family use are packaged and sold from one of the leading supermarkets here under their brand. I see now that the nutritional information provided only includes macronutrients but not micronutrients which l was previously unaware of. A bit disappointing but l am glad l found out early (l am a week in on this app and l love it). Thanks again.

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