Kirkland chicken breast

Why are Kirkland chicken breasts so low in kcals and protein? It is advertised as 99% fat free so perhaps they have a process of fat reduction that is also removing a good chunk of protein? Or maybe they are sourcing lean chickens? I like to use NCCDB or USDA whenever possible because of all the extra nutrients listed but this chicken is so different. Thanks for any insight you may have!

For 5 oz:

USDA: Chicken Breast, Boneless, Skinless, Cooked

211 kcal, 42.8 p, 0 c, 4.4 f

CRDB: Kirkland, Chicken Breasts, Boneless, Skinless

125 kcal, 28.8 p, 0 c, 1.9 f


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    You are right, it is rather incredible. Chicken usually has 3 g of total fat 1g being saturated fat. It is how the chicken is reared that determins if that fat is good or bad. In this case...you are way better off without the fat, but that does not make this low fat chicken a good food choice. Protein should be non negotiable really, but if protein isn't absorbed properly, it will not be in the meat either. When a body is inflamed, protein is not absorbed as it should be....but it piles on the weight. Muscle is pumped up with mucin as we see in metabolic syndrome in people. They get big...its not muscle and its not fat, but they are huge. They look inflated...rather like the industrially produced chickens.

    The way any fat is extracted out of anything is often dubious. eg. many people can drink milk, but cannot drink homogonised milk because of the way the fat is fractionated, because this creates problems digesting it, for a lot of people. Also, did you know that in agriculture, pigs are fattened with skimmed milk. The owner of a huge milk producer in the uk who make yoghurts and cheese, laughed with me about it one day. ' I wouldn't touch that low fat stuff. ' he said, ' thats what we use to fatten pigs!' It changed my relationship with fat in one second. I have never looked back.

    This chicken, is mass produced and if you have ever worked in the industry you would not eat a mass produced chicken. I worked in the feed trade in the UK for 6 years and our production methods are mild here, when compared to the rest of the world. If I throw my dog a piece of mass produced chicken, it grabs it and spits it out. That tells me all I need to know and she is a pig when it comes to food, she will eat anything... edible...but not raw mass produced chicken.

    Commercial chickens are fed corn that puts weight on them, not because it's their natural diet. I fed a few of our hens solely on non organic feed grain. I killed three at maturity and placed them in a sealed box immediately. In 24 hours, I opened the box and most of the chicken was gone. Gone you ask. Gone. In 48 hours, and it isn't warm here, it was just feathers and bone left only, no slime, no wet, just dry bones and feathers. Hello Candida. I've put them into the fridge too in a sealed container and watched the white fungus come out of eyes, ears and mouth and spread. Would you really want to eat this ?

    The organically raised hens, who potter about, eat mixed organic corn and other grains like chia, sunflowers of various origins, pumpkin seeds, peas, fresh greens and roll about in the soil, do not do this when they die. They decompose slowly. They are not ingested by fungi that they are bursting with, systemically.

    What I am trying, non too eloquently to say, is that it doesn't matter if the chicken is zero fat or not, it has been mass produced unaturally, fed on the absolute minimim quality food for maximum profit - and I know what this looks like - its injected with additives; its got cargeenan in, which upsets a lot of people's guts, msg, which can in some people inflame joints and cause other gut related issues. Sodium phosphate too, which is not good for people with kidney impairment or blood pressure; thats a large percentage of the population today.

    Zero fat does not equate to health. We need fat - good fat - and animals raised naturally on a natural diet give us just that. When raised in a stressed environment, with grain and other ingredients that harbour mold - moldy corn makes chickens pack on the weight - the fat on a chicken will be harbouring toxins. If a chicken is raised right, they taste of chicken, fantastic...even the cockrels! They do not need injecting with chemicals to make them taste edible. Their bones are stronger, the quality of cartilidge is amazing in comparison, the joints well cushioned and its not spongy, its bright white and shiny even when cooked well.

    We were given a crate of turkey poults to feed to our hawks. On opening them; their livers were bulging with huge balls of white matter. Were they cysts or balls of fat, I do not know, but they were rupturing with them. We did not feed them to the birds. they were 16 weeks old and had crippled livers. We see animals from the inside out and if the liver looks really healthy, they are good to go, if not, they are not.

    Interestingly over the past 2 years we have noted a huge decline in the wild animals health. HUGE. If you would like photos and more info, let me know. We need to be aware of this sort of thing. Birds too. I do not know what the answer is, but we have a liver sample at a lab now, waiting for results. It came from a hare under a year old. Its liver was nearly twice the size it should have been, its spleen 10 x the size it should have been. Liver, spleen, were riddled with parasitic cysts and the kidneys were just beginning to be infested too. This is not an isolated event. We have seen it many times and these creatures are vegetarians.

    A week later my wolf dog was bitten by a deer fly and it paralysed him in 24 hours. He weighs 60kg's and has never been ill in his life. I got him walking again 8 days later, albeit doddery, then day 10 he went down again with terrible fever and total paralysis, affecting bowel, bladder, swallowing, everything. I had him put to sleep tuesday evening. I am devastated. Vector borne diseases are becoming very worrying. This has really shocked me. What is more shocking is that so many dogs are being affected with this.

    Back to the chicken. I have digressed! Dieting is not rocket science, but has been made so by the way we produce modern food. Period. I grow my own now. I was 14 stone, I now weigh 7stone and at 57 I am fitter than I was in my 20's and I eat pretty much what I like, but I never eat shop bought food.I made us some cacao crunchies....so I put all the ingredients into the recipe calculator and it said that each square was 3324 calories.....funny then, that we eat quite a lot of it....and we are all skinny, but we wern't when we ate biscuits out of packets that were marked reduced calorie. Bizarre but true. I now coach people to regain their relationships with food, so they can eat a wonderful variety of food, crave nothing and feel totally in control of their own ability to maintain a perfect bodyweight without stress and overwhelm or calorie restricted diets.

    Good luck with the chicken!

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