Meal Times for Intermittent Fasting reports

This app has been a godsend! Its really giving me a deeper look into my everyday nutrition and habits and I LOVE being able to track everything in one place as well as to see trends overtime (hopefully positive ones hehe)

A lot of people are doing an intermittent fasting lifestyle. And even for those people who are not, the importance of doing periods of fasting for health reasons is increasing. Unfortunately it is not the same fasting window everyday
It would be super SUPER useful to be able to log in the time of each meal. Not a time stamp of when you entered it but the time you actually ate it. Since some people may do both at different times, aka me haha. So not something automatic
This would help to keep track of how many hours you fasted on a daily basis, but expanding it to reports would be great to see the difference between days and the overall trends.

With an IF lifestyle one of the key things is to change it up. So two days a week you may do a 24 hr fast, other days 16hrs or 12 hrs. etc. its quite hard to keep track of what you have done, unless you write it down separately. (In a note for example, which is what ive been doing.) but you still have to do the math yourself and then keep track of all the days in a separate notebook to track trends.

Would be great if the app would do it for you by lets say telling you: today you fasted 12 hrs. On a weekly average you fasted 15hrs etc.
Also this will help find correlations between the hours fasting and the changes in biometrics, nutrition and mood. To see if fasting works for you or not, or how much fasting is best for your particular needs.

My suggestion on what could be easiest to implement would be to be able to enter two extra biometrics. One: Time of first Meal Two: time of last meal
These two numbers are all that its needed to track fasting times.

The reasons it shouldn’t be automatic or based on the first/last food entered in the day its because depending on the type of IF you’re doing, your first food may be your meal, while others a coffee/tea, or fatty coffee. These could count within your fasting window.

Actually what would be really great. (I’m getting inspired here hahaha) is 3 biometrics measuring a hard/soft fast. So 1) time of first consumption of anything other than water. 2) time of first actual meal 3) time of last actual meal.
The time between 3 and 1 the next day would be considered your hard fast
The time between 3 and 2 the next day would be considered your soft fast.

This would help to see how much time you are actually fasting with no liquids, and fasted with liquids. And correlate it to changes in biometrics and nutrition. There is a lot of speculation on the IF community about what will or not break your fast. Some have really strict rules, others not so much. So you can see if that fat filed coffee is actually breaking your fast and decide to take it later in the day or if it has no effect at all.
Whats important is to measure the time periods.

Just a heartfelt suggestion

If it got too complicated just add the two extra biometrics. One: Time of first Meal Two: time of last meal :):):)



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    BTW I know I can add my own biometrics hahaha which I did, but it still serves not much of a purpose because I cant add/see the difference in hours between the last meal yesterday and the first meal today.

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    I could just do the math and write in the amount of hours fasting as the extra biometric. which would be a good workaround for now. :) I would still like to have the times because it would be good to see the whole picture(as stated above hehe) and to see overtime which are the times of day of my eating windows, and if changing them Morning/afternoon/evening has an effect in the rest of my health profile.


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