NCC food database updates and highlighting

HI there. I'm a long time Cronometer user. I have logged every single food that's gone in my mouth every day for 5 years now. Cronometer is awesome. I don't ever use barcodes or labels, only the raw data from NCCDB, USDA, etc. I recreate ingredient lists on the few packaged foods I buy as recipes.

After a few tries, I succeeded in getting added to the NCC newsletter so I can see what new foods they've added to the db. Latest NCC newsletter came today and they've added a lot of stuff (300 salad dressings, formulated drinks, cereals, etc.)

When searching for foods to add to diary, I would love to see Cronometer highlight or bold **new **entries in the databases. Maybe a a column for date added to your integrated copy of NCCDB and bold foods added within last 60 days. Any chance the developers would consider this?


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