Why don't we have the option to turn off the calories "burned" section

I don't understand why we cant just eliminate this option (turn it on or off) for tracking purposes some of us just want a simple calorie/macro nutrient calculator and tracking app. I am not suggesting it be taken away as I am sure many people use it. I have tried setting up the desktop vs and the app to just simply be a calorie tracking app for awhile because that is my current need but with the burned bmr as a fixed item it won't allow me to set it up the way I need it. If i set that section to 0 it will just keep track of the daily calories but it wont reflect my budget left because I have manipulated the "burned" section to reflect zero. Is there any reason we can just turn that off? If there is a way to do this please share. I have spent days trying to figure it out and maybe I am just not seeing it. I have used cronometer for years and dont want to swtich apps because I am just changing up to tracking calories. Please help


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    I am doing a search for this very thing and came across your comment. I’m a new user that came from MyMacros+ and the calculations are terribly confusing! I really like this app…enough to pay for the Gold membership without a lot of experience in it, but this really brings it down for me. I only want to see and analyze my data based on what I’m eating. The other stuff is just fluff and I’m having difficulty staying in my macros because the numbers are so skewed. I paid for an app to do the math for me, but now I am doing more math than ever!

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