Sweet Potato "Flesh" tag confusion

For the cronometer food entry for "Sweet Potato, Cooked, Baked in Skin, Flesh, without Salt":

What does the "flesh" tag mean in the food item above? That this is valid for only the flesh, as if the sweet potato is eaten skinless (even though it was baked with skin on?) Or eaten both skin and flesh? (Having a hard time finding an entry that I'm sure means "I boiled a whole sweet potato with skin on and ate both the skin and flesh")

Is there a reference that you can point to that defines the tags used by USDA and NCCDB for the food items in cronometer? Then I could just look up the reference online, to understand the tags. I've found this for some of the meat entries for USDA, but it's hard to find them all. I suggest adding some text to eachcronomenber entry that gives more details about what the tags mean, or the conditions the item is valid for.


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