New Macronutrient Target option for healthy muscle building regime

Dear Cronometer team,

There's a way I've been trying to set up my dynamic macros that stops just short of exactly what I need, and I'm hoping you can help. Could you add a fourth category in the Macronutrient Target dropdown focused on prioritizing protein calculations? While fitness and nutritional science is hugely contentious on many issues, it's a pretty established fact that for proper muscle synthesis a certain minimum amount of protein intake per unit of body mass is required. What I'm hoping to see is input options similar to the ratio options already available, but with the protein input field expressed in grams (with two decimals perhaps, for the perfectionists) per unit of body weight and the fat and carbohydrate fields expressed as a percentage of the remaining calories after the caloric value of the protein is substracted from the daily caloric target.

This would make it possible to have dynamically changing fat and carbohydrate needs in the desired ratio while the protein target can stay fixed upon the preferred amount for optimal protein synthesis after workouts. With Cronometer already providing an option to either manually put in your body weight or having it updated by linked apps or devices, this can become a highly dynamic and competitive option for people intending to use Cronometer in combination with athletic/fitness goals.

Come to think of it, this might be used in combination with setting custom targets to be useful for competitive body builders as well. If, instead of the Weight Goal or Custom Energy Target, you could set a target for desired body fat percentage, this can help body builders set a caloric deficit goal while maintaining a body weight-dependent high protein intake value to offset muscle degeneration.


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