HELLO ALL, just arrived on the forum.

I'm Suzie, from Ambassadors For Health in the UK. I am specialist in optimum health and weight loss with an emphasis on chronic systemic conditions which totally debilitate people, often prevent them from working and very sadly they seem to slip under the radar of clinicians because they fall outside of the usual paradigms, ie what appear to be sometimes hundreds of unrelated symptoms. They are sometimes obese or painfully thin and feel they have absolutely no control over it. They appear to be eating an absolutely perfect diet, but are obese. It defies conventional logic.
These are the people I help.

I would like to begin a discussion on a subject that I am seeing more and more in my clients. Having been through this nightmare myself and through specialising in the subject for the past 15 years, I am very interested to see how widespread this is. Also, its good for people to know there is light at the end of the rather arduous, lonely, tunnel!

If anyone out there has experienced massive allergic reactions to foods or extreme food sensitivities that limit their diet down to as little as 5 or even less items of nutrition, I would love to hear from you. This is an extremely difficult area to negotiate and many are at their wits end when they reach it and find virtually no one to help them through it.

There are usually up to a hundred or more weird and seemingly unrelated symptoms which defy modern science. Tests frequently, if not always come back negative, inflammation markers may be there but cannot be pinned down to a source. Clients are then assumed to be imagining it, but are actually very ill with CFS, fYbromialgia, sore throats, wheeziness, sinus congestion, joint pain, frequent UTI's, frequent URI's, skin problems including rosacea, osteomyelitis, weak nails and falling hair, mood swings, depression, anxiety and panic attacks that are at unbearable levels but seem to have no identifiable source, sleeping issues....the list is inexhaustable.

So, if you are either suffering at this level, or know someone who is, I would love to talk to you.

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