Chart which foods provide the most of a certain nutrient over time

After years of good cholesterol readings, my recent blood test shows high amounts of cholesterol

I can see through the charts that over the last year my daily cholesterol and saturated fat consumption has increased, but I am not certain which foods are responsible

I'd like to be able to specify some , and then have cronometer

  1. list in a table over the past
  2. provide a stacked bar chart by <interval:day/week/month/year> of the foods in that which supplied the most of that
  3. let me export that table and graph as CSV

So for example, I'd see a chart for a week that looked something like this where the foods I ate every day with saturated fat were stacked

Fruits I Ate:

This would give me a rough idea of whether it's the butter, the sour cream, or the sausage that's giving me heartache.

It would be better if I could group certain foods together (for example, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Trader Joes Cream Cheese and Great Value Cream Cheese), but it would be very helpful even if there was no grouping.

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