Energy summary incorrect when setting "Custom Energy Target" with Polar import

Calculations in the energy summary become weird for me when a custom energy target is set, it seems to be caused by activity and training imported from Polar.

Setting a fixed custom energy target of 2200 for these examples, first screenshot, shouldn't the calories deficit be the exact difference between consumed and burned? It seems the running may not be counted.

Now when I set the "Include Exercises" checkbox it does show the correct Budget but then it messes up the Macronutrient Targets by adding those calories to my custom setting.

In summary, when setting a custom energy target, the "Macronutrient Targets" overview should remain fixed, regardless of activities and training added, the "Energy Summary" however should linearly reflect the exact balance between energy in and out, and the calculation may be switched with the "Include Exercises" checkbox on whether to include activities/training.

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