New user - baffled

On the second day of using Cronometer, I am baffled. You can only be an absolute newbie once, so let me document the information immediately needed that is not intuitive and not provided.

  • Are there two data bases? Your diary and your food list?
  • From my diary, there is no obvious way to get to and apply my food list or my recipes. I can create them but I cannot use them.
  • From my food list there is no obvious way to enter a multivitamin. Create Food is a blind alley.
  • When I do try to enter a food, sometimes it goes to Diary and sometimes it goes to the food list, randomly.
  • If you add a food and it goes to Diary, then does it also go to the food list? Apparently not always.
  • I want to be consistent in entering the serving size of foods by weight in ounces, but it seems I have no choice but to use the serving size measures in the data base, which are all over the place. Am I missing something?
  • How does one correct an error in a recipe?
  • There is no provision in the phone app for entering exercise

I have looked at the manual, which is hard to find, but it does not answer these questions. I have looked at YouTube videos, the ones from Cronometer, even the one labeled "basics," but none of them address these basics. (Indeed, the 58 minute "basics" video is perhaps the worst instructional video I have ever seen.) It's all very frustrating.

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