Features please! Not news feed!

For me it's really disappointing to see Cronometer app update be so bad and to see Cronometer development be so stagnant. There's basic enhancements on the wishlist (e.g., calendar start week on Monday) and there's ones for which tons of users absolutely do clamor (e.g., API) but yet, more and more, Cronometer presents itself as some sort of lifestyle brand.

I'm a yearslong user of the iOS app -- I know the ropes; I want no blue indicators for a news feed; I want no news feed whatsoever; I want no tips & tricks for getting started; and, until Team Cronometer delivers much-requested- and long-overdue enhancements, there ain't no way I'm gonna 'go for Gold'.

When developers add-in nonsense such as news feed the least they can do is make it hideable.

Cronometer isn't bad. But it can be so much more. The price hikes, the upselling, the lack of enhancements -- it's ridiculous.


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    Wait, what? It's got a newsfeed? WTF? That hasn't made it to android yet.

    Autoupdates turned off.

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    No newsfeed here either. Maybe the phone carrier or the phone itself?

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    Thank you, jefmcg and comanchesue, for these comments. Maybe, for now, it's an iOS-only thing?

    I'll say it again: Cronometer's not bad. But it can be so much better. All this 'lifestyle brand' nonsense draws attention to the fact that new features--even easy-to-implement ones--are few and far between.

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