Cronometer experience is a mess!

Just now I go to do logging. I launch the app (iOS) and, first, I see annoying notice of some Men's Health Nutrition Score nonsense (it's annoying, all the more, because it duplicates information that was sent-out via email). And, then, I see that the app has logged me out. This means I've got to fire-up the password manager and type-out my superlong password -- all for no good reason.

• Podcast?? No.
• Nutrition scores?? No.
• Lifecoaching events?? No.
• Newsfeed?? No.
• Unsolicited emails?? No.

These things that Cronometer has been focusing on -- they do not motivate me to pay for subscription! Absolutely positively zero good effect. Who on Earth decides to subscribe because of Men's Health Nutrition Score? How many posts on this forum ask for Men's Health Nutrition Score??

What a waste!

How about 'first day of the week' setting (for month-view calendar)?? How about searching notes?? How about zooming-in on past entries for any given food/recipe item?? How about API??

Users are clamoring for API! That's what's funny -- if an API were in place, Cronometer wouldn't need all the silly gimmicks.

"Jack of all trades, master of none."

It's ridiculous that Cronometer raises the subscription pricepoints but yet they deliver nothing good. Even some extant features, such as fasting timestamps, feel rough around the edges.

Oh and that's not to mention the presence of adverts here too -- on the forum! And the difficulty of logging-in to the forum. It's all so annoying. As if nobody there uses the products/platforms in question.

Nothing that Cronometer's been doing lately looks good. Absolutely nothing. Even the 'search for a food/recipe' user experience looks to have become worse -- for a while the app has had a nice default mode for sorting but now it feels as if it takes wayyyy longer for the search results to appear.

If Cronometer app hadn't logged me out I wouldn't have taken the time to post this rant.

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