Nutritional Scores for Items Should Be Based on Remaining Daily Targets

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Hi guys,
I think that the current way in which food nutritional score is presented can be improved.

Let's say I log:
Sprat, Food #463219, Data Source: NCCDB, 100 grams

I will see that the Nutrition Scores All Target for this log is "30%".
Hence, this dish in this quantity will move me 30% closer to meeting my nutritional targets, right?
It's 5pm, and sprat is rich B vitamins, but guess what? I already met my RDA for B vitamins.
30% here is only correct for 8am on an empty stomach of a new day.
I'd like scores to reflect how well the entry meets my REMAINING targets, making scores a lot more dynamic than they are currently.


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    +1. This also gets at a projection/preview of how a food I am contemplating eating, or perhaps the quantity of food I am contemplating eating (40g of oatmeal vs 60g oatmeal) affects my daily total macros and nutrition scores.

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