How to add all supplements you take to each day's Diary in one step

Here's how to make it easy to add all of your supplements quickly and easily Diary entries for each day:

  1. CREATE A SUPPLEMENTS CATEGORY: Go to Settings and then Display, scroll down a little, and you'll see 8 Diary Group fields. You can change any of them, including the preset Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack ones. Rename one as Supplements. (I created a Water category, too, because Water is an item on the foods list, but that's an experiment and another topic for another post.) Don't forget to click the check boxes that indicate which will show in your display, and click Save if there's an option for that.

  1. ADD EACH SUPPLEMENT TO YOUR LIST: Go back to your Diary, and add each of your supplements. Be sure to read the label of the supplement to find out whether 1, 2, or even 3 or 4 = 1 "serving." If you take only 1, just adjust that amount as you would a food portion: .25 or .5, for instance. Also, make sure that it's set to add it in the Supplements category, then click Add Food. Example:

  1. COPY YOUR LIST TO ANOTHER DAY: Either go to the next day on the calendar or just wait until it is the next day and you're adding diary entries. Click the Supplements category to select it, and then right-click to get the pop-up menu shown in the second screenshot. There, click Copy Yesterday, and it will add that to the day you're working on. You can add or delete items any time.

CAVEATS: I use Windows on my laptop and haven't tried this on my Android phone, because I hate being limited to such a teeny screen to do anything other than click and read. Also, I don't think there's a right-click option for any Apple software, but there's something comparable, I assume. Also, this might work only in Gold, but it costs less than $1 a week for several more options. I have no connection to the Cronometer staff or company. It's just an investment in my health that I chose to make and am glad an app this detailed even exists.

I hope this is helpful.

Port Angeles, Washington USA

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