Keyboard Accessibility Improvements/Efforts

Cronometer is in a league of its own for nutrition tracking -- no one comes close, as far as I could find. The features being rolled out are solid and the release cadence is respectable. Just the fact that there is a web app is one of the reasons I keep renewing my subscription (rather than just an app).

**But the keyboard accessibility on the site is pretty terrible. **

Speaking as someone familiar with accessible web development, it's just non-compliant. Very little of the site is accessible via the Tab key. I can't even imagine what it's like for someone using a screen reader. Tables are being used liberally where Select or other form elements would be more appropriate, and focus is just generally all over the place.

I don't use a screen reader, though. I just think it's dumb to switch from mouse to keyboard and back again when logging my entries. I tend to throw things into a notebook and log at the end of the meal, which could theoretically be a pretty rapid fire process. As is, I have to click on a category, hotkey, type out a very precise search term and hope that it's at the top of the list or be prepared to switch to mouse, then back.

I know about Alt-A and Ctrl-Enter. Same with Shift for multiselect (although, as others have pointed out, it should be a span select, with Ctrl for multi). It's not enough. I should be able to scroll through the list of search results and select an entry, then tab over to input the portion size, etc.

Standard HTML5 Form elements and mindful attention to focus indicators and Z-Index are all it'd take to fix things up. Modern web development being what it is, though, I don't expect this would be a simple refactor.

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