All Google Fit entries gone

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Starting today, all of my Google Fit entries in Cronometer are gone. This change happened retroactively, so all my prior days on Cronometer now no longer have Google Fit entries in them. The Google Fit integration is still on in the settings. I toggled it off and back on, and did a backfill for the previous week to try to fix this. Still, everything is gone.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra 5G running Android 12. There are no pending updates for any of my apps.


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    The same thing just happened to me today as well.
    Both apps are up-to-date. Disconnecting and reconnecting Google Fit integration did not help, neither did uninstalling and reinstalling Cronometer. I also tried to backfill Google Fit entries after reinstalling Cronometer and reconnecting to Google Fit - still nothing.
    This seems to be an off and on issue, going back years, and it is hugely frustrating.

  • I also am having this issue.

    I disconnected Cronometer from Google. Uninstalled both Google Fit and Cronometer. Installed Fit, then Cronometer. Afterwards I connected Cronometer back.

    Entries are still gone, steps are not shown. Heart rate and sleep still show up, but any 'Activity' does not show up. When visiting past events with activities, they appear initially then vanish.

  • Still gone today. Added detail: It appears to specifically be the Google Fit data related to movement and activity. My sleep metrics and scale metrics are still syncing fine.

  • It seems this is being looked into:

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    Seems someone got it to work by installing an old version then installing the current version:

  • I am seeing the disappearing Google Fit sync data as well - this is the third time since I started using Chronometer that this problem has occurred, requiring dev to put out a fix. Please, please, fix this soon. Pixel 6, Cronometer Version B3.22.0(b1352-AF).

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