Calories don't sync from Google Fit to Cronometer since last update

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Hi support team :)

Since the last update of the Android app, the training units or the calories burned are no longer synchronized to Cronometer. Only sleep times and heart rate are transferred from Google Fit to Cronometer...

I have tried unsuccessfully to solve the problem as follows:

  • Clear cache on Google Fit
  • Clear cache at Cronometer
  • Delete chronometer data, uninstall + reinstall
  • Clear Google Fit data, uninstall + reinstall
  • Pairing removed and reconnected
  • Restart the smartphone

So the problem can't be on my side. Are you aware of the problem and is there a bug fix in sight?

Liebe Grüße

Greetings from DarkTrinity


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    Dear Cronometer Team,

    I don't know when exactly the bug started (I was too busy lately to fill cronometer from my paper food diary)

    but today when I tried to sync - I have the same issue as described above-

    my sleep, weight and heartrate sync from Google Fit into Chronometer accurately,

    but not the workout info and calories burned :(

    I am not sure which update caused it, my Cronometer version is May 26, and Google Fit from Jun 7

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    @Myshyk I was having the same issues, they were resolved with an update that got installed yesterday, June 24 update.

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