Indicator as to how much weight you would lose if you ate this amount of calories for "some time"

For example:
A person that requires 3000 calories eats 2500 in a given day and this "indicator" thingy would now say something like:
"at this rate with the same activity level you will lose around:
-1/4 of a pound today*
-2 pounds in a week *
-8 pounds a month*
-96 pounds a year*"

I thought this would be a good addition cuz its hard to know the exact calculations as to how a caloric deficit/excess change ur weight short/long term.

It would also be interesting if that thing now would (possibly even considering your protein intake) calculate how much of what you would lose during these* timeintervals would likely come from from muscle/fat/carbs/water.
But that might be pretty difficult to calculate even on an individual basis lol - let alone come up with a formular that works universally.

Sorry if these things exist in the gold member version. Im poor.

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